Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unique

Everyday, I wake up early to start my day with a quiet time in my house. I have this nice and comfortable recliner I curl up in with my cup of instant coffee. I strategically put it in my porch where in I can see and watch the beauty of the dawn.

I’m always fascinated with such things. Watching the stars twinkle in the dark pre-dawn sky and wait for the sun to slowly push back the darkness. I tell you, the whole process is beyond fascinating. I got to treat myself with a spectacular sunrise scene every morning. The dawn colors playing with the clouds is always a pleasing light show for me.

Even on stormy days, there is beauty in the sky. Storm clouds angrily racing across the sky showing off its mighty power as it marches through affecting everything around.

I sat there in my chair enjoying the view recently and realized that I have to witness the beauty of the dawn not just in my comfy chair. I have to go in different places and gaze at the same direction to see so many different skies.

Each sky, so very unique, always carry its own intrinsic beauty. Even when we are looking at the same sky at the same time of the same day, it’s always different. They don’t try to mimic each other. They don’t try to look like what they are not.  They are different, and yet, so beautiful.


Desk Warrior Adventurer: Lawrence Corpuz

Renz is a full time graphic artist, part-time adventurer, novice blogger, and an amateur photographer. He is everything but tourist when he is traveling away from home.


  1. Parang nainggit ako sa view na nakikita at lalo na sa pagiging morning person. that’s my aim since last year to become a morning person, hirap din na sa gabi gising parang unproductive and obviously unhealthy. Tas yang dawn, nakakatulugan ko na lang.


    1. Hey Hitokirihoshi, salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking munting blog. Sa palagay ko ay ikaw ang unang dumalaw dito. 🙂
      Sanayan lang din naman ang paggising ng maaga. Pagsanay ka na, kahit gaano ka pa kapuyat, magigising at magigising talaga ng maaga.

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