Are We Really That Special?

When I was a kid, we only knew of 9 planets. I have learned from my grade 3 Science teacher that the planet we live in is called Earth. At the same time, I learned from my religion class about creation. That God created us, and put us here in this world to praise him.

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After a couple of years, I learned from my biology class about evolution. They say we were not originally human from the beginning and that we are a product of evolution. From a single cell organism, evolved to multi-celled organism, then to complex organisms until we became humans. (What do you think?)

There are so many records from a distant past being excavated by archeologist to prove that evolution theory. But wait, my Theology class disproved such. The bible clearly narrates in Genesis that creation is [only] a week long process. First, the light. Then firmament. The next day, He created land and vegetation. Next are the sun, the moon and stars. Then fish and bird and animals. And finally, on the 6th day, He created a man and then a woman. (As simple as that!)

But in today’s technology, in the advancement of astronomy, they discovered so many planets outside our solar system. A telescope called Kepler is peering through the farthest parts of the universe in search of planets like Earth. Those that were discovered in a Goldilocks Zone are making big news. Astronomers are even saying that a star in our Milky Way host a 1 or 2 or even more planets just like how our Sun is a host to 9 planets.

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But wait! Hubble Space Station studied our Galaxy and astronomers determined that it compose of a billion stars. (Sounds a lot hah? And that’s only stars. How about if every stars host an average of 2 planets? That’s even a fair number considering there are 9 in our solar system, but you still get a staggering 200,000,000,000 planets in our galaxy. Well, that’s only 1 galaxy, the Milky Way. How many galaxies are there in the universe? Fraser Cain of Universe Today website estimates it to be 100 to 200 billion galaxies. And how many stars those galaxies host? According to Extreme Space, there are 1022 to 1024 stars!!!. Need I tell you how many planets could this stars host?

What then?

If evolution proves right, there could be at least a billion civilization out there in our vast universe. Earth could like just a grain of sand.

If religion holds true, well….. ain’t we really that special?


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